Schedule of Events

For 2022 the Stage is in Bartram Park.

Time Event or Activity Location

4:30P – 6:00P


Music in Park:


Music in the Park: Not Quite Fab

Stage on Bayfront
7:30P – 9:00P The Pensacola Symphony Orchestra
FREE Sparks & Stars Concert
Broadcast live on
NewsRadio 92.3 / AM1620
and on BLAB TV
Vince Whibbs Community Maritime Park/Hunter Amphitheater
7:00P-8:30P Music in Park: Nobius Stage on Bayfront
9:00 PM Fireworks !!
(Best viewing along Bayfront Parkway)

Bring your radio tuned to CatCountry 98.7
Bartram Park and all along Pensacola Bay

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