Pets and Fireworks

pets and fireworks

Do not bring your pets to Sertoma’s 4th of July or to any fireworks show. ¬†City of Pensacola Code prohibits pets from any events at Seville Square. ¬†

Also, unlike people, pets don’t associate the noise, flashes and burning smell of
fireworks with celebration. As a result, fireworks can cause a great deal of
stress for some pets. Be sensitive to their situation and use caution as
unexpected behavior may be displayed by your pet while trying to escape from
the loud noises including jumping a fence to find safety, running away or
“flight from fright,” destruction of yard or household items and biting.
Shelters often see an increase in lost pets after fireworks displays. If
your pet is missing, contact your local shelter.

Follow these safety tips to help keep your pet safe during the upcoming
fireworks displays:

–Do not take your pet to fireworks displays.
–Do not leave your pet in the car while you watch a fireworks
display. In only a matter of minutes, the heat in a car can cause serious
health problems or even death. A stressed animal can also cause major damage
to the interior of your car.
–Keep pets indoors. Turn on the TV or radio as a distraction and
close the curtains.
–Never leave pets unattended outside, not even in a fenced yard or
on a chain, if you are near a fireworks display or if your neighbors are
lighting small fireworks. They may try to run away or become tangled up in
their chain.
–Pets can also do unexpected things when stressed, and it is best not to leave them alone at all during fireworks, even inside.
–Provide a pet bed or crate in a quiet place to create a small
den-like place and a sense of security.
–If you must be outside with your pet, keep the pet on a leash or
in a carrier at all times.
–Keep pets away from fireworks, open fires and matches.
–Encourage your pet to “go” before fireworks begin by taking your
pet for a walk. If your pet becomes frightened, this can help prevent
toileting accidents.
–Make sure your pet has proper identification tags with current
information in case they run away.
–If your pet often becomes stressed during periods of loud noise
like thunderstorms, check with your veterinarian to see if a tranquilizer is
appropriate for your pet.